As the nearest National Park, the Marin Headlands is always a great place for people living in San Francisco to walk out of their urban life and enjoy nature. When I visited the Marin Headlands for the first time, I was surprised by the differences between the stressed urban life I saw in downtown San Francisco and the leisurely state of life in the Headlands, so I focused on joy, relief, wanderlust, of the visitors in the Headlands. I know how difficult it is to escape from an urban working life after my three-years of a stressful business life.

Inspired by the works from the documentary photographers Hiroji Kubota and Lewis Baltz, their photographs provide hints about a comfortable shooting scale between people and the landscape and how to enhance the major figure through composition. That is why I chose an observer’s perspective and the square composition to reveal that urban people can enjoy and balance their life in a better way.